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Written words have always played a fundamental role in human history, however, with the rise of the internet their magnitude indeed got to a whole new level. Now more than ever, people are encompassed by written words which have the aptitude to inform, educate and entertain at the same time.

Considering all that, it is not hard to guess that writing something that truly stands out from the rest of the crowd nowadays is relatively hard. The competition is simply too high! However, it is still not impossible, especially when done by real writing doyens who know how to masterly craft words together.

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Our Services

blog posts and articles writing services

Need well-researched and SEO-optimized blog posts and articles that will skyrocket your blog to the top of Google that your audience would love to read and engage with? That’s exactly what our team of top-notch blog post and article writers is trained for!

ux design

You think our website content is cool? We can make yours even cooler! We promise to write engaging, clear, and concise UX content that will help users to understand your idea and fulfill their hunger for excellent UX. And this will ultimately turn your visitors into your clients!

web development

Want a website or blog as cool as ours? Let it all on us! Our website developers will build you a fully responsive and optimized WordPress website with exceptional user experience while our team of writers will fill it with SEO-optimized content ready to climb on top of the search engines.

press release writing
Press Releases

An expertly written press release is one of the most powerful content marketing tools to get you noticed. You might not have the “announcement of the year”, but a good press release should definitely sound like that. Hire us to explore the magic of an expertly written PR.

copywriting services

Copywriting is the craft of using words to create numbers and that’s exactly what we offer here! You know what’s the best thing about it? It doesn’t cost anything because a great copy doesn’t cost money, it makes it!

whitepaper services

Whitepapers have the ability to establish your brand as an authority in a certain industry. This is why it is immensely important to have your whitepaper written and edited by a real team of experts who simply know what they are doing.

technical writing
Technical Writing

Writing technical content could be very tricky. This is because technical terms are known for being “immensely amazing” in evading the average reader. Here is where our technical writers can join the game and turn your technical texts into a well-crafted and easy-to-read piece of content.

product descriptions
Product Descriptions

Describing your product in the finest way possible while maintaining the highest SEO practices isn’t the easiest thing to do, yet it is a must-do if you want your product sold in no time. Our team of SEO-skilled copywriters is more than ready to give you a hand and turn your prospects into your clients.

product reviews
Product Reviews

Struggling to sell your product? Keep in mind that exceptionally written product reviews have the power to translate your prospects into your clients and that’s exactly the type of reviews our expert team of writers is trained to write.

email newsletters writing
Emails & Newsletters

Email marketing to this day remains to be the type of digital marketing with the highest conversion rate. If you are struggling to get conversions through email marketing then you are definitely doing, or better said, writing something wrong. Hire a team of professional copywriters with rock-solid email marketing experience and watch your conversion rate grow day by day!

social media content writing copywriting services
Social Media Content

We promise to write social media content that your followers would not only like, but also share and engage with. Our CTAs will push your followers into taking your desired actions.

taglines slogans writing
Brand names, Slogans & Taglines

Brand names, slogans, and taglines are perhaps the most important things for any brand. In fact, they are the first words that your brand speaks to your potential clients. Let our team of professional copywriters and experienced marketers do market research and come up with 15 straight-from-the-brain brand names OR slogans OR taglines that will fortify your brand.

script writing
Script Writing

Ready to get your YouTube channel, promo videos, short movies and series, and podcasts scripted by master scriptwriters who know how to craft influential words that people like to hear? If the answer is “Yes”, this is your chance!

cv creation services
Resumes and Cover Letters

Your CV/resume and cover letter are the first things that speak to your future employer on behalf of you. In many cases, they make the final decision whether the employer will initiate further contact with you or just eliminate you from their options.

Hence, they should be catchy enough to beat the competition and catch the recruiter's attention. Ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get hired? Hire us first!

speech writing services
Speech writing

Need a speech for a wedding, graduation, TED talk, political event, birthday celebrations, or another type of event? We write speeches that ignite emotions and leave people speechless! Hire us and we will prove it!

e-book ghostwriting services
E-books ghostwriting

Are you striving to become a self-published e-book writer? Our e-book ghostwriters are ready to do all the work that e-book writing takes and give you full credit for that.

Bonus: Cover design + Kindle Formatting

poetry writing

Every writer is a poet within and our bohemian writers are not immune to poetry either. In fact, our founder is a self-published poet herself and poetry is the core of our Boho Writing Factory. Therefore, if you need ghostwriting poetry written by bona fide poets, this is the place to be.

ghostwriting book services
Fiction Manuscript Ghostwriting

Have you envisioned yourself as a bestseller fiction author? Our ghostwriters are ready to “rent” you their creative flows and give you full credit for that.

song lyrics writing services
Song Lyrics Writing

Music is a universal language in which we could bear all of our emotions and express them to the world. With over 300 song lyrics written for different artists all around the globe, our songwriting doyens are here to write your next big hit that the world (even without knowing) is eagerly waiting to hear.

proofreading services
Proofreading & Editing

Our team of proofreaders and editors are skillful Oxford comma officers and grammaristas ready to polish your text and make it more appealing to the readers’ eye.


Ready to get your content translated by a native speaker? Our worldwide network of freelance translators is here to offer you a smooth translation from and to any desired language combination. You know what’s the best thing? Your translated text will undergo free editing by our editorial team.

legal writing
Legal Writing

Two of our writers are graduate law students-turned-content writers who can definitely offer you their well-researched legal writing services. This will save you a significant sum of money that you would otherwise have to spend on expensive lawyers that, in most cases, would charge you for a template rather than personalized legal writing service.

grant writing
Grant writing

Writing a grant could be a daunting task and that puts a lot of pressure especially if writing is not something you do every single day. Our team of persuasive grant writers is here to give you a hand and help you get your grant.

essay writing
Essay and research paper writing

Writing an essay or research paper isn’t always the most fun thing to do as a student, especially if you have tons of other tasks to finish and studying materials to go through. Our writers are college graduates who write for a living and they would be more than happy to help you get your much-desired A.

book cover design
Custom Book Cover

Despite that we often hear the quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, people usually tend to do exactly that. This is why it is crucial to have your book cover designed in a way that stands out and sells.

Our graphic designer will work closely with our team of experienced writers and digital marketers to design you an attractive book cover that fits your desired format.

book formatting
Interior Formatting

Get your book ready for publishing! Each book needs to be properly formatted before getting to the public eye and who can better format your book than real writing gurus? Hire us and get your book print-ready as soon as possible!


Infographics are becoming an integral part of content marketing. This is because they are graphically appealing and therefore, can easily drive traffic to your website and boost its SEO rankings. Thus, if you want to give your content an extra boost, our graphic designers and content writers will work closely to deliver you a stunning ready-to-use infographic.

social media management services
Social Media Management

If your corporate or personal brand is not on social media then you are non-existent in the virtual world! It’s time to change that! Get your social media accounts managed by our digital marketing experts and establish a prominent presence on your preferred social media.

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website development
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Yes, you are the copyright holder of all the content you order from us. Upon delivering our content to you, Boho Writing Factory does not retain any copyrights.

Is your content 100% original?

Absolutely! Plagiarism is strictly forbidden within our team and is always Copyscape-checked before delivering the content to our customers.

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we cannot accept any returns or provide a refund. However, we definitely will provide as many revisions as necessary within 10 days after the order is delivered until there is 100% customer satisfaction.

Do I need an outline?

No, we do not require an outline. However, if you have one or there are some requirements, feel free to let us know.

Do you include images within the blog posts and articles?

It depends on the requirements set by the customer, however, we definitely can provide you royalty-free images without charging you extra fees.

When should I expect the delivery?

Our delivery usually takes up to 8 days, however, upon placing your order you will receive an email with the estimated delivery time. Keep in mind that for complete book writing and larger orders, the delivery time might take longer. In that case, the deadline is usually discussed with the client individually.

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